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A boy goes missing. On their search to find their missing friend, Mike, Dustin and Lucas discover a psychokinetic girl, named Eleven. Despite the fact that she's a "Super Freak", with super powers, the boys learn that, with her help, she can locate their missing friend.

Stranger Things Parody - The Hillywood Show

WATCH STRANGER THINGS PARODY: https://youtu.be/yPS4xC52L5I WATCH MIKE'S VIDEO DIARY: https://youtu.be/aSw4ud_NFJ0 Chapter Scenes Included below ↓ See how The Hindi Sisters took on The Duffer Brothers in this Behind The Scenes Feature of Stranger Things Parody!

Behind the Scenes: Stranger Things Parody

Supernatural's, Sam and Dean Winchester are back in action, like never before, in The Hillywood Show®'s SUPERNATURAL PARODY 2! Armed with weaponized Proton Packs and plenty of salt, the Winchester brothers are just a call away. Ghost problems? Demon problems? If the answer is yes, don't wait another minute!

Supernatural Parody 2 - The Hillywood Show

WATCH SUPERNATUARL PARODY 2: https://youtu.be/Nsy06n-omrg WATCH DEAN'S VIDEO DIARY 2: https://youtu.be/UGJRKhbWfNY Chapter Scenes Included below ↓ Grab some pie! Relax and pull up a chair! What you're about to watch is a 2 hour Behind The Scenes Feature from The Hillywood Show®'s SUPERNATURAL PARODY 2! Prepare yourself for the ultimate Hillywood binge!

Behind the Scenes: Supernatural Parody 2


Americans tries Norwegian brown cheese from Tine for the first time. Director and editor: Saba Hatzimarkos. Green Screen Visual Effects by Gray Gubler.

Americans Try Norwegian Brunost Brown Cheese


Music video by The Killers performing Dirt Sledding. (C) 2015 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/bUPstu

Savannah Sonja Mosse was Production Assistant and Gray Gubler was Acting as the Pumpkin.

The Killers - “Dirt Sledding” directed by Matthew Gray Gubler

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Bob’s Repair: Meet the Team

Behind The Scenes of a Student Film. This is a documentary showing the best parts of making a Student Film.The struggles and the emotions of The students. Also showing the steps of how the film was made.

Behind the Scenes of a Student Film


A dad is trying everything he can to keep up with his child support payments, but his ex-wife and Child Support Services is making that very hard for him. A CSN student film written and directed by Norwegian/Greek student Saba Hatzimarkos. Edited by Savannah Sonja Mosse. Composed and Sound Edited by Gray Gubler.

Heartless - Directed by Saba Hatzimarkos

This is the music video for the song REAGAN, by the band WHIRLWIND HEAT, from their 2nd full length album called TYPES OF WOOD. Directed and edited by Matthew Gray Gubler

Reagan by Whirlwind Heat - Directed by Matthew Gray Gubler