Narrative Shorts

Three high school friends just defeated every game on their video game list. Now, they have been struck with boredom in their small desert town, Sandy Valley, Arizona. One day the three friends adventure on a stretch of dirt road to be surprised to find Aubrey (The most popular girl in school) and Kristen (The new girl in town).


A Whole Foods commercial Savannah Sonja Mosse, Gray Gubler, and Tim Harbour did. The commercial was completed but Banned for unknown reasons once Amazon merged with them. Anyway, we kept the footage. 365 it's that good!

The Birthday Boy

A video we made when the ice bucket challenge was cool!

Crazy Sploosh Presents: The Sour Green Apple Challenge

Bobbi, your typical hot-tempered FPS gamer, is confronted with the daily task of calling the power company. Chaos ensues after Bobbi gets nowhere with the Automated System. This was a project for Lighting Class at CSN.

The FPS Gamer

Emyr, a young student is given the opportunity to 'change the world forever.' His weapon, an emergency phone. A mysterious item that has the ability to kill anyone it's user wants. Emyr goes through psychological torture, as well as a major decision that changes his life forever.

The Emergency Phone