Gray Like The Color

Gray Gubler is a Sound Mixer & Music Composer currently based in Las Vegas, NV. His passion for music began at an early age as he had been playing the Piano since the age of 6. After being inspired by his brother from his own success in Hollywood and getting to spend time on a professional set, he attended CSN for Video Production. Spending years Mixing and Composing dozens of Short Films and Documentaries opened the path to working on multiple Feature Films and Commercial jobs such as The Killers “Dirt Sledding” Music Video in 2015 and a Captain Morgan Commercial (2018).

Currently, he is freelancing on the sets of Feature films, Commercials, a TV Pilot, Music Videos and Documentaries as a Sound Recordist and Editor, along with Composing Music for various Narratives. Gray is also a DJ who has played at Downtown Las Vegas, The Artifice, Wet n’ Wild, and other venues in Las Vegas since 2012.

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