Commercial Work 

Shot by Tim Harbour, Savannah Sonja Mosse, Gray Gubler, and Adam Courrier. Produced by Running Bull Productions. Special Thanks to Jade Elizabeth for being our actress. Another thanks to the owner of Vesta Coffee Roasters, Jerad Howard for allowing us to make his commercial.

Vesta Coffee Roasters - Promotional Video

Shot & Edited by Savannah Sonja Mosse and Gray Gubler at Life is Beautiful 2017. Original song "Cross Your Mind" by Wingtip (feat. morgxn)

DJ WIngtip at Life is Beautiful 2017

DJ Gray Like the Color performs EDM live at Wet n Wild's "Neon Night". Shot by Savannah Sonja Mosse & Tim Harbour. Original Song "Take me Away" by Gray Like the Color

Wet n’ Wild’s Neon Night 2017